End of Treatment


Whoo Hoo! Last session of Radiation yesterday, and I couldn’t stop smiling.  It has been a long 7 months of treatment, Chemo Therapy then 30 sessions of Radiation.  It is a lovely feeling to be at the end.  Now I will take some time for my sore bits of skin to heal and then in the months to come I will have regular check ups with Medical and Radiation Oncology and Mammograms etc.  Through out this journey all of the medical staff I have encountered have been wonderful, and consequently my experience was much more bearable.  I wouldn’t mind that my nails are all falling off, if they all came off at once, instead of the torturous way they do it.  The nail half lifts off leaving one side attached that catches and pulls on everything.  You are consequently covered in bandaids and yelping every time it hurts until it finally detaches itself, usually in bed at night.  I end up picking nails out of the covers each morning.  Isn’t that gross.  Too much information.  Oh! well, this blog is about full disclosure.






So many beautiful flowers from my daughters and friend Sherri, to signal the end of my months of treatments.  I have been so spoilt since this all began


Hayley, Beau and I went to our oldest son Troy’s to celebrate his youngest Chelsea’s third birthday this morning.  Beau had a wonderful time riding bikes, and playing the xbox with his cousins.  I can’t believe Chelsea is three and great-granddaughter Amaya turns one in a week or so.  Where has the time gone.

We are off to Sydney next week to see the other grandees, can’t wait to give them a big squeeze.  Skype is great but not quite the same as real life hugs.

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Phase Two Radiation

This week is phase two of my Radiation treatment, so they are just zapping me along the line of my surgery, where the tumour was.  Meanwhile, my poor boob is almost cooked and needs to be dressed continually where the skin is breaking down. FullSizeRender-42 Meanwhile, I am continuing to shed nails, although the numbness in my feet and fingers is starting to go away.  I was having coffee with my sister last night, and looked at my feet which were lounging on the coffee table, it dawned on me that my big toe was not pink, as I glanced at the floor beneath, sure enough there was a pink nail sitting on the floor.IMG_2824 I made my own dog biscuits for poppy this week.  I got the recipe from Rhonda Hetzels down to Earth Blog.  Poppy loves them. IMG_2825 Homemade Dog Biscuits 2 cups water mixed with 1 tablespoons Vegemite, 1 tablespoon beef or chicken stock. 1 cup bread or plain/all-purpose flour 2 cups wholemeal 1 cup rolled oats or instant oats ½ cup powdered milk 1 teaspoon yeast Bake at 170 c for 1 hour.  Cool and place in air tight jar. 20150703_141143 We baby sit Beau on a Friday so take him with us to Radiation.  Allan entertains by going up and down in the lift, and checking out the pond with the fountain.  My appointment was at 11.30 so we promised Beau Hungry Jacks for lunch and some time in the playground.  When we arrived at the hospital, Beau announced he was hungry, so to keep him going till I was finished I handed Allan the tiny mint lollies I had in my bag, to keep his hunger pangs at bay.  We finally, headed out of the car park anticipating hamburgers at Hungry Jacks when I saw Beau picking at his nose, assuming he had boogers I handed him a tissue and he blew his nose, then he immediately started crying and yelled, ‘it hurts, I put the mint up my nose’  We pulled over and I tried to get him to blow it out and couldn’t actually see anything, but we decided since we were at the hospital we may as well go round to emergency and get it dealt with.  I jumped out at Children’s emergency and went to get Beau out, when I saw a wet little mint on his leg with a tiny bit of blood on it.  I went to pick it up as Beau swooped in and grabbing the mint, popped it in his mouth.  Too late, to do anything but, laugh at how funny little people are.  It reminded me of my Cousin Valerie who was at the beach with her family.  One of her girls bit into a piece of Southend Rock (a long stick of hard candy) and pulled it out with one of her teeth stuck in the end.  She ran to show her Dad who was sun- baking.  Dad thinks, thanks, takes a bite and not noticing the shocked look on his children’s faces, proceeds to chomp down the candy, plus the tooth. Last day of Radiation tomorrow Yeh!!! Check us out on Facebook: Breast Cancer Ready or Not

Radiation Week Five


Even though they say your skin does not get hot during Radiation Therapy, this is what happens.  It gets quite sore and itchy at the same time, like sunburn and drives you a bit nuts.  It still isn’t as bad as Chemo Therapy though, so I shouldn’t complain, only three more days after this of the all over burn, then next week they target just the spot where the tumour was, so that should settle down the burn up near my neck.

Apparently, all those freckles are here to stay, the radiation has just darkened pale ones that were already there. The girls in radiation sent me off to the nurses yesterday, a patch of skin underneath my boob had broken down.  I had not worried about it even though it was sore as I just thought everything happening was normal.  Turns out they make a big fuss which was nice, put saline soaks on it then slippery, shiny, Dermese gel to sooth it all.  The nurse made a crop top out of some disposable knickers to hold the bandages in place and sent me off home.  You really do get well looked after by everyone at Fiona Stanley, the staff have been lovely.

I don't think she trusts me now!

I don’t think she trusts me now!

They say that Chemo does effect your brain and I am sure this is true.  I let the dog back in last night after her pre-bed toilet visit, and wondered why she didn’t follow me to the bedroom.  I couldn’t sleep so after fidgeting about for a few hours, I got back up and headed out to the family room, made a drink and sat down with a book.  It was quarter to two in the morning, and very cold outside, I suddenly heard a bark at the back door.  Sure enough Poppy, who is an inside dog and not used to the elements was still out there.  She dashed in and snuggled up next to me once rescued and no doubt tried to get warm.  I don’t know what happened she must have hesitated at the doorway, while I was looking at the stars, and I  obviously shut the door in her face and proceeded to lock up and close the curtains.  Hopefully, she has learned that she needs to hurry up, or get left out in the cold.


At least I have a bit more energy lately, and have been baking bread  regularly. These rolls are very quick to make: I adapted the Baps recipe from Rhonda Hetzel’s Down to Earth blog.

Easy Bread Rolls: mix 2 tablespoons yeast powder with 1 1/2 cups warm water and allow that to sit for a few minutes while you get the dry ingredients together.  3 cups bread flour, l teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons milk powder.  I mixed mine in my kitchen aid with the dough hook, once the dry ingredients are combined with the wet, allow the dough to knead for 5 minutes.  I shaped the dough into a round and left it covered with a tea towel for about 45 minutes.  Bang down, and roll into a sausage, cut the sausage into 8 equal pieces, then roll into eight balls and place on a tray covered with baking paper, cover with the towel and allow to rise for 45 minutes,  then bake at 220 degrees celsius for about 20 minutes.  These are nice soft rolls, great for kids lunches.

A big hello to Julie, who finished Radiation last week.  Well done!  Time to party and throw away the scarves.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Radiation Week Four

Not much has been happening in my world lately so I haven’t had much to blog about.  Most of my days are taken up with going up and down to Fiona Stanley Hospital for Radiation appointments.

I saw my Radiation Oncologist on Thursday, and was really pleased because I thought I only had two more weeks to go.  Wrong!  Apparently, I have twenty-five sessions of Radiation to the whole breast area, then five sessions of targeting the spot where they removed the tumour, which I suppose is good because it is meant to lessen the chance of a recurrence at that site.

Meanwhile, another two fingernails fell off as well as a toenail.  It is so strange to see what is going on under your nail.  Presumably new ones will grow in due course.


I feel pretty well back to my old self this week, and wore high heels all day for the first time in months. It seems like ages, but, it was only a short while ago that my legs were still hurting from bone pain caused by the last round of Chemo, and I was doomed to flat shoes.

Why we torture ourselves in high heels though is beyond me.  They kill our feet, throw out our posture and can be dangerous.  I was reading an Agatha Raisin novel and Agatha is tottering across an icy car park in ridiculously high-heeled boots, slips on the ice and slides right under a car with her head poking out.  An old man watching asks her cheekily if she is checking the engine before he helps her out.

My love affair with shoes started when I was very young I crashed into a lamp-post when I was about eight years old when I was looking down at my new sandals instead of where I was going.  My first pair of heels (1 inch) were black patent with a bow on the toe, and they lived on the end of my bed for some time so I could admire them in the night,  I kept them shined to a mirror finish with vaseline.

Gorgeous Sophia Vergara who wears very high sexy heels to do her household chores in TV series Modern Family says in one episode where she is forced to dress in flat shoes ‘How can anyone walk in these’.

My excuse for heels was always to create a weight loss illusion, apparently each inch you go up, you look slimmer.  So I am on the lookout for 30 cm platforms.

Hayley and I did take Beau to the Winter Wonderland at Fremantle this afternoon, and he was looking forward to turn on the giant slide.  However, it would have been an hour and a half wait, so he was a bit disappointed but, was consoled with watching the ice skaters on the outside rink and a promise of a trip to Chipmunks through the week (they have a slide) and an ice-cream before he went home.

Have a great weekend.