Radiation Week Four

Not much has been happening in my world lately so I haven’t had much to blog about.  Most of my days are taken up with going up and down to Fiona Stanley Hospital for Radiation appointments.

I saw my Radiation Oncologist on Thursday, and was really pleased because I thought I only had two more weeks to go.  Wrong!  Apparently, I have twenty-five sessions of Radiation to the whole breast area, then five sessions of targeting the spot where they removed the tumour, which I suppose is good because it is meant to lessen the chance of a recurrence at that site.

Meanwhile, another two fingernails fell off as well as a toenail.  It is so strange to see what is going on under your nail.  Presumably new ones will grow in due course.


I feel pretty well back to my old self this week, and wore high heels all day for the first time in months. It seems like ages, but, it was only a short while ago that my legs were still hurting from bone pain caused by the last round of Chemo, and I was doomed to flat shoes.

Why we torture ourselves in high heels though is beyond me.  They kill our feet, throw out our posture and can be dangerous.  I was reading an Agatha Raisin novel and Agatha is tottering across an icy car park in ridiculously high-heeled boots, slips on the ice and slides right under a car with her head poking out.  An old man watching asks her cheekily if she is checking the engine before he helps her out.

My love affair with shoes started when I was very young I crashed into a lamp-post when I was about eight years old when I was looking down at my new sandals instead of where I was going.  My first pair of heels (1 inch) were black patent with a bow on the toe, and they lived on the end of my bed for some time so I could admire them in the night,  I kept them shined to a mirror finish with vaseline.

Gorgeous Sophia Vergara who wears very high sexy heels to do her household chores in TV series Modern Family says in one episode where she is forced to dress in flat shoes ‘How can anyone walk in these’.

My excuse for heels was always to create a weight loss illusion, apparently each inch you go up, you look slimmer.  So I am on the lookout for 30 cm platforms.

Hayley and I did take Beau to the Winter Wonderland at Fremantle this afternoon, and he was looking forward to turn on the giant slide.  However, it would have been an hour and a half wait, so he was a bit disappointed but, was consoled with watching the ice skaters on the outside rink and a promise of a trip to Chipmunks through the week (they have a slide) and an ice-cream before he went home.

Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Radiation Week Four

  1. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger……. High heels?? Are you kidding me; I hate the stupid things (one reason) ‘coz it kills my back, although I would be tempted to wear them if I thought it made me look slimmer. I love illusions! I also had beautiful black shoes with a bow – thought I looked a million dollars but treated them with the respect they really deserved, I chucked them in the wardrobe along with walking shoes and thongs and dresses that had fallen off their hangers. Mind you I was 15-16, but now at least I will pick up a way ward bit of clothing should it fall off the hanger.
    Anyway, I am so pleased to see that you can get out a bit and enjoy the company of Beau during the school hols. (Is he too young to do the weeding do you think?) But then again, I see the temperature is far too cold over your way to work outside anyway. I’m thinking a nice warm fire, comfy lounge and a good book or sheltered place somewhere in the lovely warming sun (vitamin D ya know). We are currently experiencing freezing winds direct from the Antarctic, rain, hail and drizzle.

    Anyway, looking back over the last 6 months I wonder how on earth you did it, but looking from December last year 6 months forward must have been very daunting – but look how far you have come! The light!! The light!!

    I am so looking forward to reading the last of this post…… it means my friend is well and back to running around like crazy looking after everyone else (and loving it). I cooked a curry last night, and I have to say, Yvette was no where near as the one you cooked when you stayed with us, but didn’t mind a bit actually: it means you have to come back and cook another one!!

    Keep well and keep safe. Marcia.


    • Ha Ha Marcia You are so funny. I certainly don’t fuss over my shoes the same way I did when I only had the one good pair. Now I throw out six pairs at once. I finish Radiation on 24th July so it will be seven months and I will be very glad it is over. We are off to Sydney in three weeks to see the grandees, but, will look forward to coming to Kangaroo Island again in the near future. To tell the truth I haven’t been able to replicate that curry either, I think it was Chris’s great spice selection. love you heaps xx


    • Thanks Johanna, are you back from Holland. We were up at the Prairie the other day, and I said to Al lets go see Ron and Joanne and he said you weren’t there. Thank you for all your support Love you guys too xx


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