If There is Anything Good

Niagara Falls, Canadian side

Niagara Falls, Canadian side

The World is not always a nice place.  Sure it is beautiful just look at the scenery, the wonderful buildings and bridges, a tiny child’s smile.  Sometimes though it can be all tragedy and drama, especially if you watch a lot of news and violent movies.  It can feel like everything is dark.

This video of baby piper seeing things clearly for the first time is precious.

Cancer seems to be epidemic, we have recently lost a friend to Kidney cancer, another has been going through treatment for Testicular cancer, my sisters best friend Breast cancer treatment and another dear friend Ovarian Cancer.  One could start to feel that life is falling apart.  Two weeks ago, I was sitting with some ladies at the Australian Darts Championships in Rockingham, Allan was taking photos for the Web site; one girl had survived bowl cancer, another ovarian cancer twenty years ago and me finishing up treatment after Breast Cancer.  About ten years ago, I was at a 40th birthday party and was chatting to the wives either side of me.  Within six months both of them had died, one at thirty six in a terrible car accident and the other at fifty from a sudden aneurism.  Stuff happens on a daily basis, we are exposed very quickly to news as it happens even though it is in Europe or the Arctic, it gets to us fast, so the information can be overwhelming.  What can we do.  Help others materially, physically or financially when and if we can, while realising that not everything is happening to us personally, or will it. One of my favourite Bible verses is in Phillipians and to paraphrase it says ‘if there is anything beautiful, lovely or of good report then think about these things’  If we dwell on the sad, the bad, and the ugly of life, we will all curl up in the foetal position and never leave the house.


The specialists keep saying to me, live a good life style and be happy.  I am sure happy has a lot to do with it, stress is definitely not good for us.  Most of you would have heard the famous verse ‘a merry heart does good like a medicine’ and even though that was written thousands of years ago, medically it is proven to be correct.  I have shared before that there are laugh therapy classes.  You can save money though just by laughing where you are, go on I dare you, just start laughing, that’s right at nothing, your body doesn’t know the difference between real and pretend laughter and releases, endorphins or something good. If you do this on the bus make sure you have a book in your hand or they may drag you off to be assessed.

Even though I am doing well and have finished treatment, I am left feeling very, very, tired.  Apparently, post Chemo and Radiation tiredness CRF can last for a very long time, so I will just have to be kind to myself and not overdo it on the days when I do get waves of energy.

Beau mistook poppy for a Christmas tree

Beau mistook poppy for a Christmas tree

Meanwhile, life is to be lived, and we should embrace it with all the gusto, that our age and health will allow.  Change things that can be changed, drink water, even when you don’t feel thirsty, eat well and selectively, especially as we get older and don’t need as much food, be choosy, get some exercise.  If you lose the use of your legs you know what will happen, you join the ranks of Grannies parked outside the dress shops, while your daughters go try stuff on.

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