Bricks Arrived

Here is Allan watering our pad a couple of weeks ago, to stop it curing too quickly. I wonder if he thought it might grow into a bigger house. Nah! It is perfect for two and can accommodate house guests and family dinners.
The Bricks, Cement, Shed, and toilet all arrived yesterday. Our brickie is raring to go, so is already getting stuck in.
I made a mistake with the building insurance. Stupid me thought I was paying a premium for the term of our house build, wrong, they charge yearly just like anything else. Being a bit gung ho, I signed up immediately I read that we needed it on our owner builders course, this was last October, we didn’t even get approval for our plans from the council till December. Consequently, we are having to pay for an extension to our policy. You live and learn.
Also a word to Owner Builders, order your window frames early. Things moved very fast for us because our bricky is going on holiday for six weeks in December, so needs to be finished with our house. I found myself hurrying to try and get window quotes, and ended up paying $1300 more than our lowest quote which came in late, so I could get the frames delivered in two weeks. Most places take 3-4 weeks. Our lowest quote came in after I had ordered from the other glass place, and they only took 10 working days, I was a bit annoyed, but, too bad ‘there is no use crying over spilt milk’, my Mum always said.
For the most part, owner building you can save on all the little things. We have paid for some custom made wooden door frames for our French doors and Front door etc, but, most of the interior doors were purchased from Gumtree for $20 or $25. Even with our Powerpass from Bunnings standard door frames are $64 each, so all these little bits add up, and we generally have been able to source things that are not far from home, and usually with the occasional fish and chip stop on the way home for our trouble.
Anyway, that is enough of house talk for now. Saturday night we celebrated with our good friends Dave and Denise as they celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. We share our beautiful Granddaughter Hannah with them. Such a talented family, they all entertained us with their singing talents, we felt like we were at the Royal Command Performance.

Next Friday I go for my first Mammogram, I can’t believe it is nearly a year since I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Also, Wedding season is upon us, so my Celebrant life is getting very busy, so it is good that I don’t have to do much house stuff for a little while and can concentrate on other things.

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3 thoughts on “Bricks Arrived

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  2. The year went by so fast…… maybe not for you and Al, but it did seem to go by quickly. The building is coming along nicely, and by the time you are an expert it will be finished and you an Al will be sitting around looking at each other wondering what to do next….NOT…..Looking forward to seeing progress when we come over to Perth for Christmas. By then you might be doing the fun stuff like interior decorating etc. At least you will have time to find the things you want. The house we did in Madderly was very rushed and we bought most bathroom/laundry etc fittings, carpets etc., all in one day (living in the Pilbara had it’s drawbacks). At least it was all over and done with, but by the end of that day we were exhausted and hoped all the colours matched up.And then our KI place was limited to availability, – next house will all come together without any problems what so ever!!! Next house??? Ha, I don’t think so Tim!! No more building for us. But I will hope that you remember to add solar panels and maybe a worm farm for household waste water. Instead of resting over Christmas, it looks like you two will be busier than ever. have fun being owner/builders!! Look forward to seeing you both. M.


    • Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. Definitely make time to stay with us for a bit. We hope to have the roof timbers on by Christmas looking forward to the fun stuff like decorating. Brick ties are definitely not exciting xx Yvette

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