Year One Milestone

Well I had my first yearly Mammogram last week and saw the Oncologist a few days later, for an examination and results of Mammogram. It officially isn’t a year till the 30th November, since my biopsy and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis, but, close enough. It is a bit weird, I was expecting everything to be ok, however, there is a feeling of relief when you are told, ‘Well that is all good’.
We hadn’t had breakfast and it was nearly 12 o’clock so we stopped in at the Whistling Kite Secret Harbour to celebrate with a beautiful lunch of lamb and potato and goats cheese gratin, ‘Yum!’
Made carrot cup cakes out of these beautiful homegrown eggs that my friend Rosealie. Isn’t the blue one gorgeous, birds are made amazingly, they have a built-in little spray painter. They never cease to fascinate me.
Meanwhile, our house walls are up. This is the view from our living room to the kitchen. Very exciting, we may even have the roof on by Christmas.

The Library, Picnics and a bit of a Rant

Can’t wait to have heaps more of these in our new garden, I want it to look like a house in the Hamptons.

Our house is progressing quickly, however, a slight hitch happened when the custom front and french door frames didn’t arrive on Tuesday when they were meant to, so the brickie went ahead and bricked the crappy little wooden frame for our laundry into the front door position, and now has to pull half of it down again and redo it. EEK! poor guy, he most likely was not very happy, but, was quite gracious about it, and is fixing it.

We were having a picnic down on Rockingham foreshore yesterday when a young lady from the local paper came and asked us whether the proposal to give 16 year olds the vote was a good idea. I am always suspicious when politicians want to do something like this. Firstly most 16 year olds are still at school, since they raised the school leaving age so all students stay till year 12 even if they have no interest in academic pursuits; if you think this was out of concern for our children you would be wrong, it more than likely was so that the unemployment rate didn’t look so bad, since teenagers were no longer unemployed but students. This would cut down the unemployment benefit bill, but I doubt that this was the motivation since depending on their circumstances they would still be able to receive Austudy allowance or something similar.

Maybe if the younger generation really want to vote we should let them, but, only if they have applied to do so off their own bat. My guess is if they made it compulsory for 16 year olds to vote, most of them would not even bother and since the average income for 15-17 year olds in this country is $16 a week, then the fine for not voting would need to be paid by their parents. Maybe, it is just a scam to get some revenue from all the fines, there are probably at least 1 million in that age group, multiplied by a $10 fine, wow! an extra 10,000 million for the government, give or take since a few conscientious young people would vote.
Anyway, on another note, I have been taking our grandson Beau to the Library on Friday mornings when we are on baby sitting duty for story time. Funnily enough many of the children that come along are with their Grandparent, or from the day care next door.
The first week he found it boring and lay on his back with his feet over his head annoying the boy next to him. This week was different, they were all engrossed as they were read the ‘Book with no Pictures’, Beau laughed the loudest. See you have to say every word the book says, things like ‘I have a monkeys head’ ‘No I don’t have a monkey’s head’. It made me think that Grandad Allan should write a children’s book. We have thirteen grandchildren, and they and their parents before them have all been entertained with imaginary ‘Snipper Snapper’ (his hand which bites them quite often) or been told your a good girl, returned with ‘Im not a girl grandad, I’m a boy’. Yesterday, Allan had Beau in stitches while we were driving with ‘There is Granny’, ‘no! that’s not Granny’ I was in the horse float, or up in the sky like a cloud or driving in the car next to us. Kids love it. Its funny me who always thinks that I am the writer, would rather have peace and quiet while I drive along.
Funnily enough many of the children that come along to story time at our library are with their Grandparent, or from the day care centre next door. I used to love taking my girls to the library for story time when they were little. Back then there wasn’t a Grandparent in sight. I would ride my bike with a baby seat on the back. It’s such a shame that the cost of living has become so great that many Mum’s are having to work outside the home. Many rents are around $400 – $700 a week which is most of a one income wage, making it very hard to manage.
Following the story, instead of gluing and colouring as an activity like usual, they all got to make paper planes then had competitions to see whose plane went further. The kids made so much noise, we got told off. I thought the story teller did a great job, most kids find it unnatural to sit quietly for long lengths of time. Give them a paper plane race any day.

This turned out to be a bit of a rant day. Tune in next week I may be back to normal.

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