Year One Milestone

Well I had my first yearly Mammogram last week and saw the Oncologist a few days later, for an examination and results of Mammogram. It officially isn’t a year till the 30th November, since my biopsy and subsequent breast cancer diagnosis, but, close enough. It is a bit weird, I was expecting everything to be ok, however, there is a feeling of relief when you are told, ‘Well that is all good’.
We hadn’t had breakfast and it was nearly 12 o’clock so we stopped in at the Whistling Kite Secret Harbour to celebrate with a beautiful lunch of lamb and potato and goats cheese gratin, ‘Yum!’
Made carrot cup cakes out of these beautiful homegrown eggs that my friend Rosealie. Isn’t the blue one gorgeous, birds are made amazingly, they have a built-in little spray painter. They never cease to fascinate me.
Meanwhile, our house walls are up. This is the view from our living room to the kitchen. Very exciting, we may even have the roof on by Christmas.

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