About Me

Hi There, welcome to my blog. I am a busy wife, Mum, Grandmother, and now Great Grandma, who is also a Pastor and Civil Marriage Celebrant. We moved to Mandurah, in Western Australia to build our Retirement home, and spend carefree days at the beach, collecting shells. Life doesn’t always go the way you plan. Breast Cancer has now put a bump on my road…..In the hope that like stories I have read of courageous women some famous, some not who have shared their battles, my story will help someone……..This is my journey!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. With the combined strength of you and your family and friends, this thing will have no choice but to retreat. Keep the faith and stay strong. Our best wishes to you and the rest of the family for the festive season and a new year full of success and happiness

    Chris Marcia and the Mob..


    • Thank you so much Joanne. I really appreciate all the support, I know many people have to go through things alone. I love your recipes and will be trying some. You and Chippy have a wonderful Christmas with your family xx Yvette and Allan

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