Get that Lump Checked


You know something is wrong when the radiology staff start moving quickly and treating you like the queen. I mean they were pleasant enough before, but you can tell they would like to give you a hug, so the next best thing because they are not allowed to give you a hint that anything is wrong, is treat you nicely. So I had the scan and they immediately contacted my doctor to send through a referral for a mammogram. They cancelled the fine needle aspiration that was booked and changed it to a biopsy. My doctor who we have seen for thirty-five years chose the day of my scan to retire leaving me with serious medical results and no where to send them. We have moved to Mandurah, but had been travelling to our old suburb to see him, even though it is 60 klms away. The staff said I needed to get a new doctor by the biopsy day so I made an appointment locally. On Saturday our youngest daughter who was taking her little boy to the wiggles concert at Challenge Stadium, went the wrong way and ended up at the basket ball courts, just as, our other doctor, who we had both gone to many times over the years for girls stuff came out. She had left the practice in our old suburb and we had lost touch. She asked how I was as we had been friends at a Church we both attended previously, and left Hayley with her card for the New Practice.  My husband and I both thought that running into her was not a coincidence, so I made an appointment, and arranged to have my results sent to her.

THEN COMES THE WAITING, and while you do the symptoms are escalating in your head