Just another Appointment


It is a good thing for me that I am used to living by a diary.  Having been a Marriage Celebrant for 8 years as well as being very involved in Church life, I would be lost without a planner in front of me. The appointments keep rolling in Monday was the Breast Surgeon, Wednesday we met with the Medical Oncologist, Friday I have the Physiotherapist and Monday the Dentist.  I lost a chunk of tooth a few months back and didn’t worry about it but before you have Chemo they recommend making sure your teeth are in good order as they take a bit of a beating.  Just in time though because I thought I had at least four weeks to finish healing from breast surgery, but I start Chemo on the 3rd February.  No mucking about here.  A prequel to that means I have blood tests to check everything is in order before I begin and a heart test to make sure I can handle the Epirubicin (the bright red chemo drug) which can sometimes cause heart problems.  I have already done the bone scan and CT scan so saved some time there. Then I see the Radiology Oncology department on Friday.


My Oncologist explained if I don’t have Chemo I have a 50% chance cancer coming back.  With the Chemo it drops to under 30%.  He spent an hour with us going over family history and all the things to expect when my treatment starts.  I must have been a bit more stressed than I thought, I was listing off my previous medical history, hysterectomy, endometriosis, poly cystic ovaries and was trying to remember the name of the benign tumours I had in my uterus, I could only come up with hemorrhoids.  He looked at me a little puzzled.  Sounds like hemorrhoids I blundered, sort of snapping my fingers like we were having a game of Charades.  Finally the penny dropped – Oh you mean Fibroids, he nearly jumped with delight. That’s it I squealed, and nearly gave him a prize.

Bradley Cooper Visit "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"

He was very nice and my breast surgeon had assured us the best in his field.  I left with an appointment letter to come back on the 3rd February at 11 am. The letter doesn’t even give a hint as to how horrible that treatment is.  Just to be at Medical Oncology at 11 am on the 3rd Feb.  No fuss or fanfare of trumpets heralding a huge milestone in my life, one I didn’t ever imagine I would be hurdling.