Too Hot to Drink

Like many of my generation, it came as a shock when we began to have to wash our rubbish.  I have always had a jar fetish anyway, and couldn’t bear to throw out any jar that was an interesting shape.  Eventually, at clear out time, a whole draw full of various unused glass containers would be ditched.  Now, with the recycling surge, I put a lot more of them to use in the pantry and fridge.  My sister gave me two varieties of jam from Margaret River.  We enjoyed the contents and since I liked the shape of the jars, decided to remove the labels.  After a week of soaking, those babies were not budging.  I ended up having to laboriously peel bits off then attack them with detergent and a curly girl, and finally they ended up sparkling like new.  But, give a girl a break, I am just feeling back to almost normal since my first Chemo round a week ago, so not wanting to waste too much energy on my first housework day my Sanguine side which thinks life is too short nearly threw them in the recycling, but, my Choleric side which says ‘never give up, never surrender’, wouldn’t quit, with the end result being clean shiny jars, ready for reuse.  In hindsight, we could have had a weekend away, with the monetary value of the woman hours I put into cleaning them, and I can’t help thinking manufacturers, could use better stickers.  I can’t be the only one who is fed up with trying to get labels off new plastic containers, and seeing the sticky goop their three years later, or buying someone a book as a gift and having to give it to them with a grubby residue mark where the price was. That’s my rant for the day, so back to Chemo Side Effects.

IMG_2418FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRenderOver the weekend, I purchased some over the counter medication for the indigestion I was experiencing.  These helped a little, except, yesterday, I set out and made some mild chicken soup, thinking that would be a very indigestion free food.  Turns out that even though I have always had a cast iron gullet in the past, and have always drunk boiling hot cups of tea and sipped on piping hot soups.  This is not how it will be during Chemo.  Previously, I explained the chemicals attack fast growing cells which skin and hence the digestive tract are made of.  Obviously, your food passage can get quite tender and sensitive and didn’t appreciate my home-made scalding onslaught.  It objected, quite strenuously in a very painful manner, to the point that I rang my Doctor who had a script for a stronger medicine faxed through to our Chemist, and Allan good man that he is rushed off to get them for me.  They seem to have done the trick, although I am planning to be a bit more careful about the temperature of my food, and make sure I chew everything well, and don’t eat large amounts. It has been a couple of days and has  now settled down.  Compared to what I have heard, my side effects are nothing, so I really can’t complain, so far I am having a good run. Thanks everyone, keep up the good wishes and prayers, they are very appreciated.

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