A Big Day Out

Sorry this blog is so long coming, but, I forgot to save it and had to start again.  We went into RPH on Friday to have a Heart Scan and see the Radiation Oncologist.  Had my third Radio Active injection in three weeks, and when I asked if that was ok, was told that the benefits outway the risks.  We had two hours to be back for the Scan to give the heart time to take up the ink, so we headed off into the City to have coffee with Scott who was waiting to start work.  Scott told us all about the plot of the script he is writing.  We felt like producers being spun a movie treatment.  I can’t wait for it to be made into a movie.  Scott is a Cinematographer and at the recent WA and SA ACS Awards in Adelaide received the Chris Ellis Award for active member showing the most potential, and the Gold for the Video Clip category he shot underwater for the ‘Willowbeats’ you can check it out here:-http://youtu.be/CV5tHLt0hDk Hopefully he will do well at the Nationals in Tasmania.  Like many parents we are overly proud of our children’s achievements, when usually they have nothing to do with us.  Anyway, I haven’t been in the city for a while so it was nice to stroll around it again, shopping and looking at some very weird stuff, as well as remembering what a great little City Perth is to live in.

This proves girls are better looking than boys

This proves girls are better looking than boys

I think this old tree has been in Murray street since the beginning of time,  who needs a patio?


Had some lunch at Enex, then did some shopping.  I had a bit of a shoe haul as the shop was closing down and their sandals were all $20, so I let my hair down (while I can I might add) and bought three pairs.  My last pair was brand new but $3 from the Op Shop, so this was a big lash out for me.  I don’t know if I am alone, but since being diagnosed with cancer, the budget just doesn’t seem important.


Anyway, we headed back to the Hospital for my Heart Scan which was painless and gave me a nice lay down after my walk. I was looking at other patients in wheel chairs waiting for Scans and one older gentleman who looked in bad shape and thought, there is always someone worse off than you, so you can’t feel sorry for yourself.


After Nuclear Medicine, we headed to the Radiation Oncologist, to talk to him about Radiation treatment after the Chemo.  He was really nice and went through all the side effects and statistics, telling us that even though the tissue doesn’t get hot you may get some sun burn like effect and even blistering.  Also, your breast tissue may get harder which will not go away.  So, I said ‘contrary to what you are saying, my boob may in all likelihood get cooked and go hard’  ‘Yes’, he said and laughed..

It was a good day, and fun in-between the hospital appointments.  Now I only have a blood test to go before Chemo starts.  I am starting to feel a little like a pin cushion.