Gumtree Rocks

Owner building is a challenge but, at the same time it is exciting to be able to resource things at a greatly reduced cost. We are feeling so blessed, heaps of bargains, this week we have bought:
650 brick ties for $140 they are usually $1.20 each so $780 = saving $640
A roll of insulation to between the brickwork to meet 6 star energy requirements for $60 = normally $400.
Door frames for $25 each instead of $55 each.
Subway tiles for kitchen and floor tiles for the laundry so far on sale for $7 square meter at the salvage yard. awesome!

All these little things add up and keep costs way down. You just have to be prepared to do a little bit of running around. It is well worth it though.
Meanwhile, our site works should be done by the end of the week and soft pad in place.
Then hopefully, next week will be the pad. Whoo Hoo!!
I have been reading heaps about plant based diets healing the body, and since my poor liver has been through the mill with Chemo, and as I have associated digestive issues that are ongoing, I decided we would try it for a while and see if our energy levels increase. I have been so tired I want to do something pro active as having no energy has knobs on it, and it certainly won’t do any harm.
We will be starting the day with lemon water, and a nice green smoothie made with system cooling foods like, avocado, cucumber, coconut water and some other greens and an apple for sweetness as well as some cinnamon. Then for the rest of the day, we will be eating very healthy, steering clear of white flour, trans fats and other refined foods. I will let you know, after a week if there is any improvement.
Took a quite fattening cheese ball to Hayley and Ben’s, for grand final footy afternoon. At least there was plenty of vegetables and fruit, as well as a yummy barbecue. Too bad the Eagles weren’t flying as high as we would have liked. Still, it was a great afternoon.

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