A lovely Surprise

It was really hard to say goodbye to Sarah, our oldest daughter who flew back to Sydney on Monday night after spending the week with us.  Her arrival had been such a great surprise.  I didn’t have a clue.  Allan even took a call and when I said ‘who was it’, he said ‘I don’t know’, and I still didn’t twig.


It was 11 pm and I was looking up Dr Google about treatments with Herceptin and other target therapies for breast dance oops cancer.  Maybe I should leave the mistake, I would much rather dance than deal with cancer.  Anyway I decided that wasn’t sensible if I was expecting to have a good nights sleep, so changed to playing around with a WordPress Template for this blog, I didn’t notice that Allan was chatting to me about the template even though I was protesting that I needed to go to sleep.  I was wondering why he kept jumping up everytime there was a noise. I don’t know why I had no idea what was coming, but when my youngest daughter arrived at the door, I thought oh no what’s happened, then realized she had her sister Sarah with her. What a lovely surprise. It was torturing her to be in the Eastern States and not here to support me, and mainly she needed to give me a big hug.   Sarah and her husband Jarrad moved to a Church in Sydney last year to be the creative Pastors. It was very difficult for us all to part with them as we have always been very close, Spencer their youngest was born while they were living with us and building their new home a few years back.  A couple from the Church used their flyers to pay for her trip, and here she was, until Monday night.


We had a great time, although I was busy trying to get meals frozen and the last of the shopping finished in case I needed to have surgery before Christmas.  We had some great laughs in amongst serious discussions. We have all been involved with organising Church women’s events over the years, often hosting breast cancer morning teas. Sarah was telling us that at their ‘Think Pink’ fund raiser they had different names for the tables,  ‘Simply the Breast’, ‘Keeping Abreast’, ‘The Breast is yet to come’, Freeze your under Abreast’, ‘ Hit me with your Breast Shot’, ‘It was the Breast of Times it was the Worst of Times’, ‘Breast Friends for ever’’, Breast Days Ahead’, You save the Breast till Last’. There were thirty tables, so it must have taxed their creative juices.

 laughing baby

It is so good to have a sense of Humour.  They say laughter is the best medicine.  I saw a documentary where they did laugh therapy sessions (I am not kidding, you can pay people to come to work and do workshops for your employees).  You just stand there in a group and laugh your head off -at nothing. Your body apparently doesn’t know the difference between the fake or the real thing,  I always said bodies were stupid.  I can’t imagine that pretending to laugh is quite the same as a real all out eye watering crack up, but I guess it is better than nothing, however, it is meant to give muscles a full on workout, releasing a surge of stress busting Endorphins. They also say that people who read fiction don’t get as depressed, apparently your brain doesn’t know the difference between a real vacation and the imaginary places you are reading about.  Don’t tell the travel agents I spread this as they will all be after me.  Does this means our brains are stupid too. No, it really shows how amazingly we are created, and that you don’t need to be able to afford expensive holidays, just a library card, and if no friends are not  around to make you laugh, you can hire a movie or use that library card again, or just laugh at nothing for no reason and you can still be just as healthy.  Like the proverb says, ‘ a merry heart does good like a medicine’  and way cheaper, also saves petrol not driving to the Chemist.


Thanks for joining me, bless you heaps and have a great weekend.