Bricks Arrived

Here is Allan watering our pad a couple of weeks ago, to stop it curing too quickly. I wonder if he thought it might grow into a bigger house. Nah! It is perfect for two and can accommodate house guests and family dinners.
The Bricks, Cement, Shed, and toilet all arrived yesterday. Our brickie is raring to go, so is already getting stuck in.
I made a mistake with the building insurance. Stupid me thought I was paying a premium for the term of our house build, wrong, they charge yearly just like anything else. Being a bit gung ho, I signed up immediately I read that we needed it on our owner builders course, this was last October, we didn’t even get approval for our plans from the council till December. Consequently, we are having to pay for an extension to our policy. You live and learn.
Also a word to Owner Builders, order your window frames early. Things moved very fast for us because our bricky is going on holiday for six weeks in December, so needs to be finished with our house. I found myself hurrying to try and get window quotes, and ended up paying $1300 more than our lowest quote which came in late, so I could get the frames delivered in two weeks. Most places take 3-4 weeks. Our lowest quote came in after I had ordered from the other glass place, and they only took 10 working days, I was a bit annoyed, but, too bad ‘there is no use crying over spilt milk’, my Mum always said.
For the most part, owner building you can save on all the little things. We have paid for some custom made wooden door frames for our French doors and Front door etc, but, most of the interior doors were purchased from Gumtree for $20 or $25. Even with our Powerpass from Bunnings standard door frames are $64 each, so all these little bits add up, and we generally have been able to source things that are not far from home, and usually with the occasional fish and chip stop on the way home for our trouble.
Anyway, that is enough of house talk for now. Saturday night we celebrated with our good friends Dave and Denise as they celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary. We share our beautiful Granddaughter Hannah with them. Such a talented family, they all entertained us with their singing talents, we felt like we were at the Royal Command Performance.

Next Friday I go for my first Mammogram, I can’t believe it is nearly a year since I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Also, Wedding season is upon us, so my Celebrant life is getting very busy, so it is good that I don’t have to do much house stuff for a little while and can concentrate on other things.

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Enjoying the now

He just needs a mexican moustache and he is ready to go

He just needs a mexican moustache and he is ready to go

Daughter in law Dani, Hayley, Beau and I went on our Bi Yearly op-shop crawl. Last time we did the CBD, but, this time we stayed around Mandurah. Had a great day and got lots of bargains. Beau who is three just loves the variety of toys to play with as we move from shop to shop.
We stopped for lunch at Grilled in Mandurah, and enjoyed not for the first time the pleasure of living in this lovely location, which in past years we only experienced when we were on holiday.
Meanwhile, I am stalking building sites, trying to get my head around what needs to be on site, when. We hope to get the site works started really soon.

I find it all very exciting. Over the weekend we purchased an as new cupboard for the laundry, and a kitchen sink brand new off Gumtree. Our house is starting to fill up with French doors, wooden door jams, taps, lights and other assorted things for the fit out later. They say if you take care of the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves.
Needless to say, this owner building has completely taken over my thought life, and so I realised I have completely forgotten about Breast Cancer.
My hair is growing back, it looks like dark grey felt, so not beautiful enough to show a picture of as yet. Will keep you posted.
Thursday is my follow-up appointment with Radiation Oncology, then in November will be my first Mammogram since this journey began. It is hard to believe that once that happens a year will have gone by already. Wow!
Have a fabulous week.

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Waiting for Biopsy Results

Calendar: Medical Exam Reminder/ Doctor Appointment

GET REGULAR MAMMOGRAMS.  During the waiting days, you realize you were ignoring the signs. I had a feeling I was due for a mammogram, they usually sent me a reminder every two years. So here is the first thing TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF Like most women time is a warp, we are busy with family, husbands, grandkids, life and the thought comes to us every now and then, but meanwhile another years goes by. Because I was waiting for a surgery to send a reminder, I never checked and as it turned out it had been six years since my last mammogram.  I had just reassured my daughter a few months back that I get checked every two years and that I was due now. (she was concerned because I had been using HRT patches for years and my mom had breast cancer in her early forties, as it turned out my tumor was not an Estrogen feeder, I had a niggling little guilt that I had bought this on my self by prolonged use of HRT; medical people recommend no longer than five years and I had been using hormone patches for twelve).

reminder image

The way to remember to get your scan is to make a day each year say, 1st April, when you change the smoke detector batteries, or when there is a Commonwealth or Olympic games.  If you need to be checked every two years, as soon as they start advertising the games (not the hunger games), you know it is time to make your appointment for a mammogram.    Darlene Zchech a well known singer and Pastor in the Christian world, who has just been going through her own breast cancer journey this past year, was saying at a women’s conference that she would go each year on Christmas eve to have her Scan, then go shopping, only last year, by the end of the day, she knew her Christmas wouldn’t be the same.

I know many women who are over 50 years of age, and have never had a mammogram. With all the information that is thrown at us you would think we would all be right onto it, but the fact is it is like watching ads for third world organizations, we turn off the telly and forget about it, out of sight out of mind. Unless we make a specific day and lock it in, it just doesn’t get done, because the truth is, we really think stuff like this happens to other women, and we never think it will happen to us.

Get a diary, and don’t forget to look at it from time to time!

Get that Lump Checked


You know something is wrong when the radiology staff start moving quickly and treating you like the queen. I mean they were pleasant enough before, but you can tell they would like to give you a hug, so the next best thing because they are not allowed to give you a hint that anything is wrong, is treat you nicely. So I had the scan and they immediately contacted my doctor to send through a referral for a mammogram. They cancelled the fine needle aspiration that was booked and changed it to a biopsy. My doctor who we have seen for thirty-five years chose the day of my scan to retire leaving me with serious medical results and no where to send them. We have moved to Mandurah, but had been travelling to our old suburb to see him, even though it is 60 klms away. The staff said I needed to get a new doctor by the biopsy day so I made an appointment locally. On Saturday our youngest daughter who was taking her little boy to the wiggles concert at Challenge Stadium, went the wrong way and ended up at the basket ball courts, just as, our other doctor, who we had both gone to many times over the years for girls stuff came out. She had left the practice in our old suburb and we had lost touch. She asked how I was as we had been friends at a Church we both attended previously, and left Hayley with her card for the New Practice.  My husband and I both thought that running into her was not a coincidence, so I made an appointment, and arranged to have my results sent to her.

THEN COMES THE WAITING, and while you do the symptoms are escalating in your head

Is that a lump in my breast?


No one thinks, gee I think I have time for the next few months to fight breast cancer. It pounces on you ready or not. Last year we sold up the house we had lived in for thirty years, bought a block by the beach, and started plans to owner build our retirement home. What do they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…well.  I banged a lump on the side of my breast when I was washing my armpit

Like 90% of the female population I thought, I must get a mammogram, I don’t think I have had one for at least two years.  This is one of those situations where the thought doesn’t count, It ended up being quite a while before I finally went to the doctor to have him check a thing on my lip, then forgot about the lump.  I am usually sent reminders for mammograms and it felt like it had been at least two years, it had actually been six. Now after being laid back about it for what now turned out to be six years and two months, I suddenly realised it was quite big, went into panic mode, and rang around trying to get a mammogram organised before we went on a planned trip to Sydney.  My doctor said to come see him when I got back and he would do a needle aspiration on it and see what it was.  This would be the beginning of my journey through breast cancer.


The moral of the story is take responsibility for your own health, keep a diary with due dates for everything that needs checking, not only mammograms.  We are like cars there is no  guarantee that  nothing will go wrong, but at least if you have them regularly serviced, you can find split hoses before they burst.