Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day yesterday, was a bit different to last year.  2015 I was right in the thick of Chemo, and it’s side effects which were not very nice.  This year is different.  Chemo seems a life time ago.  My hair and nails have grown back, and we have owner built our house since October and moved in back in March.  IMG_3584Here I am with new great baby grandson Lucas, and my hair.  He is just the most darling little boy and number two grandy for Allan and I.  We are so proud of Bianca and Daniel they have taken to parenthood like ducks to water.

The hair is very soft and I am planning to have a trim and foils done this week.  They recommend you wait six months before colouring as it is so fragile, it could snap off, not for health reasons, for the few people who have said ‘ooh are you allowed to have it coloured yet’.  My nails are long and normal, and apart from some tiredness still, I feel good.  It turns out my Thyroid is not functioning properly, and my iron stores were low, so this is the cause of the tiredness.  Thyroid, can be from poor nutrition, which could be the case, since I have lost fifteen kilos since finishing Chemo, and really just because I hardly ate, which is not the best diet.

IMG_3659Meal prep for Mother’s Day.  The Muffins are vegan, sweet potato and coconut milk from ‘Hell yeah it’s vegan’ site.  We have some vegans in our family now, so I made chick pea curry for them, and lamb for the carnivores.  These muffins are so moist and delicious and I posted them last year on my blog.  Even if you are not vegan once you try them, you will more than likely make them again and again.




I felt so spoilt, as I am sure many of you other Mums were by your families.  Beautiful flowers and cosy PJ’S and Boot slippers.  I have always told my kids, don’t buy me slippers, I hate them.  But, this year, I changed my mind, being in the new house with concrete floors, till the garden is done, it is freezing, so I was very excited to have slippers for Mother’s Day.  It is Daughter-in-Law Lesa’s birthday today so we will see Troy’s family tonight.  It is also the anniversary of my Mum passing away twenty two years ago the day after Mother’s day that year.  I can’t believe it has been that long; The time has gone fast.

I always feel for the girls who are dealing with the struggle to get pregnant and those that have lost children or estranged from them at this time of the year.  Last year I mentioned Mother Teresa who never gave birth herself but, was a mother to thousands, so don’t undervalue the impact you can have on others.  One beautiful lady Rose, who turned eighty while we knew her, and had been a spinster all her life, yet, she took it on herself to encourage Allan.  She would always praise him up after he had played his guitar or led the worship at our Church. His Mum while we love her dearly, had never been that encourager, so it was like God put Rose in his life, to be a surrogate Mum and take up the mothering slack.


IMG_3661I had a wedding on Saturday afternoon at King’s Park.  This is the view from the Jarrah Pavillion near the War Memorial.  What a beautiful City we live in, and it is such a wonderful view.  It was freezing cold and windy, but, at least it didn’t rain on them during the festivities.  I always like to arrive early in case the traffic is bad on the freeway, so I sat in the car park with my little flask of coffee, and one of the delicious muffins and read my book.  Delightful!

Mother’s Day

I hope you Mums all had a lovely day on Sunday.  I only saw half the family.  Scott was on a film shoot all day, and we Skyped the family in Sydney, so it was still a lovely day.  Since I wasn’t up to full speed we just had afternoon tea.


Mondays around here have evolved into my cooking day.  I seem to spend the day doing kitchen stuff and getting generally organised for the week.  Even when I had Chemo on the Friday, the bad side effects don’t hit till around Tuesday as my blood count drops, so Monday I still am able to potter round enjoying myself.  Hayley and Ben bought me a Pizza Stone as part of my Mother’s Day present so I was keen to get going with some dough.  I ended up doing Foccacia Bread which I didn’t use the stone for but cooked it in a baking tray.  I think my yeast which has been in the freezer for years, had died, so it wasn’t rising like it was supposed to.  I ended up shoving it in the oven and cooking it anyway, and it was delicious.  I really don’t think you can go wrong with breads, they usually end up edible even if they are not beautiful.


Being a Mum is such a blessing and I know it is hard for the women who have tried to have babies and have not been able to as yet.  I always feel for them on Mother’s Day when Mum’s get honoured and given a gift at Churches and Schools.  But, some of the women who have done the most for children world wide have never biologically given birth. Mother Teresa one of the world’s best known names never had a child herself, yet was a mother to thousands.  We all have an opportunity to influence the circles we move in and input in a constructive way into the lives we touch.  There is so much negativity in the world and others ready to point out our failings I would encourage you to be the one who takes the time to be kind or encouraging to others when a moment presents itself, it has the potential to make such a difference to a persons day.

I have noticed guys usually love their Mothers, so don’t make the mistake as a daughter in law of running down his Mum, even if she is an old bat.  There is some weird bond between Sons and Mums.

I know Mother’s Day has become quite commercial, which I don’t really agree with, but, thinking back on my life as a Mother, the sleepless nights, the school lunches, the pick ups, the drop offs, the homework and years of work, I know they didn’t ask to be born, and we did it because we love our families, but, I do think we deserve a special day where the kids say thank you.

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