Pad Party

I have been meaning to post this for a week. Our house Pad is down at Che’ Summers. Whoo Hoo! Very exciting. Our tradies have been awesome so far, so helpful and organising things for us over and above the call of duty.
Things are moving very fast, now I am trying to organise window frames, bricks and frames. Coordinating it all is like juggling. Everything needs to be on site for the brickie, a toilet, lock up shed, power box, lintels, door frames, window frames, scaffolding, cement, sand, mesh, insulation for the walls, brick ties, flashing for wooden doors. Hopefully, that is all. Once that is all done I can take a breath for a moment and get onto some other stuff. (hopefully decorating will come into it, brick ties and M4 cement are not that exciting to a girl).
Its raining here at the moment, but, we still need to go down and water the pad for a few days, to make sure it doesn’t cure too fast. The rain isn’t enough to count.
Meanwhile, in Claremont today, grandson Beau was mesmerised by this man with a beautiful yellow and orange parrot on his shoulder, just sitting there in the street.